How to Play

A Never-Ending Summer

The story begins on August 1. As Nini, your goal is to spend your summer in Ashihara searching for a way to stop the world from ending. If you fail to prevent its destruction, you'll loop back to August 1 to try again.

Your Choices are Key

Nini's actions and choices have a profound effect on the story. Characters' emotions and bonds will affect their combat skills, unlock new events, and also influence their behavior if you must face them in battle.

The Ordinary

Attend high school and explore the town while building bonds with Ashihara's residents. You get to decide who to hang out with and what to talk about.

Characters with Real Emotions

Characters' feelings and behavior will change depending on their moods, desires, and bonds. These changes happen in real time, and you can check them by interacting with other characters. Their emotions play an important role in determining their state of mind and next action.

Different Events Every Playthrough

Factors such as the location, time of day, and inter-character relationships affect the events you see in any given playthrough.

The Extraordinary

Experience the extraordinary and confront the Kegai by delving deep into Yomotsu Hirasaka, a land bordering the worlds of the living and the dead. Here in the underworld, your training and relationships will determine whether you meet victory or defeat in your fight against the Kegai.

Work Together...or Drag Each Other Down

While you control Nini in turn-based battles, your party members will act according to their own emotions and personal relationships. The bonds you've forged with anyone possessed by the Kegai will also have an impact on the battle's outcome.