Kegai Combat

Battle the Kegai by choosing an action for Nini to perform on a specific target every turn. Any allies fighting alongside you will act autonomously in combat.

Victory & Defeat

Win battles by reducing the Stamina of all Kegai to 0. You may have the chance to save or forsake someone depending on your relationship with the possessed character. If Nini's Stamina falls to 0, the world will end, and a new loop will begin.

Fallen Allies

When an ally's Stamina hits 0, they will die and disappear from the world. Looping brings any fallen characters back to life.

Battle Actions

After selecting a target, choose what Nini will do during his turn in combat. What happens next depends on the target. If you've selected a Kegai, Nini will attack it. Selecting an ally lets him support them. Finally, select Nini to heal yourself.

Emotional Damage

Attacks can inflict one of three types of emotional damage: Friendship, Affection, or Hate. Choose the appropriate emotion by considering your relationship with the possessed character. The Kegai's strength may change depending on the emotion used.

Keep an Eye on the Fight

Nini can use his Demon Sight in two ways during battles. Foresight lets you see the thoughts of allies and Kegai alike for the duration of the turn, showing you their next action and target. Celestial Sight lets you see what special effects are currently affecting your allies and the Kegai.