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Everyone's Favorite Little Sister


Yolis Arroyo (EN)
Yuna Taniguchi (JP)


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Everyone's Favorite Little Sister

Full Name: Takako Wakakuni

A spirited 6th grader who hangs out at Ashihara High. After being teased by classmates for her height, she sought friends outside her own age group, even going so far as to call herself a junior high school student in spirit. In her eagerness to be treated more like a grown-up, she often acts out, and describes herself as the baddest girl in town. She also demands that everybody treat her like their little sister and shower her with affection. In fact, she's desperately lonely, and latched onto Nini because he seemed like a real pushover. After claiming him as her Big Bro, she quickly becomes a cheerful presence in his everyday life.