Game Screens

Overworld Screen

  • Date and Day
    Current date and day of the week.
  • Time
    The current time.
  • Mood
    The area's current mood.
  • Nini's Status
    Nini's Energy and Stamina.
  • Ally Status
    Every party member's Energy and Stamina. Each portrait's expression hints at their current mood.
  • Map Name
    Your current location.
  • Action
    Any action you can perform with the A button.

Main Menu

Press the Y button to bring up the main menu. Options include checking your relationship status with other characters or saving your game.
Blessings See what blessings characters have received and the total number of blessings you've collected thus far.
Relationships View the strength and status of each character's bonds.
Character Info View a character's stats and bio.
Save Save your current data.
Load Load previously saved data.
Game Guide View guides for the game's basic mechanics, such as combat.
Settings Change various in-game settings or return to the title screen.