Life on Repeat

The game displays a countdown showing how many days remain until the end of the world. Should this counter reach 0, then doomsday will come. The end of the world will trigger a loop that brings you back to August 1 and lets you start the game anew. The same loop will also occur should Nini fall in battle.

Save the World

Kegai are causing the coming apocalypse, and you can only prevent it by defeating them. If upon ending a day you sense that a Kegai has appeared, search the town for clues to learn its whereabouts.

Side Effects of Looping

Every time a loop occurs, all characters' stats will reset to default. However, they will regain those stats at a faster rate. You will also keep all your blessings after a loop.

Start a Loop with Terasu

If you ever want to trigger a loop on purpose, seek out Terasu and ask her to send you back to August 1.