Relationship Levels

All characters form relationships with each other, with their strength represented by colored bars. Green = Friendship, orange = Affection, and purple = Hate. View these at any time under Relationships in the main menu.

Balancing Relationship Levels

Friendship, Affection, and Hate all determine a character's overall relationship with someone. High Friendship and Affection promotes positive bonds, while high Hate results in antagonistic ones.

How Relationship Levels Change

Relationship Levels will increase or decrease as you talk to other characters and suggest activities to do together.

Conversations & Suggestions

A character's Relationship Level will change depending on what you say or suggest. Certain suggestions let characters join your party.

The Secret to Successful Suggestions

Your bond with a character will influence whether they accept your suggestion. Pay attention to what Nini says about it in order to gauge whether it will succeed.

Better Bonds = More Activities

You can make more suggestions as you grow to know a character better. Going out on dates or training together will let you develop even deeper bonds.

Demon Sight

Use Nini's Demon Sight ability to view a character's action, mood, and desire. This information will help you figure out what suggestion has the highest chance of success.