The Kegai

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

The Kegai seek people overwhelmed by negative emotions and possess them. A special cutscene at the end of each day hints at the identity of their latest victim. You must use these clues to find and save them, lest they cause the end of the world.

The Possessed

A Kegai's vessel will begin acting differently than normal. The faster you learn their identity, the more time you'll have to prepare for the fight ahead.

Yomotsu Hirasaka

After you find someone possessed by the Kegai, a dungeon known as Yomotsu Hirasaka will appear. The Kegai's victim awaits you somewhere inside. Complete the dungeon and defeat the Kegai possessing them to prevent the world from ending.

Forming a Party

Use suggestions to invite other characters to join your party and help you overcome Yomotsu Hirasaka's various challenges. Counting Nini, you can have a max of three people in your party.

All Kinds of Kegai

Yomotsu Hirasaka is crawling with Kegai, which range from average entities to ones capable of possessing humans and ending the world.

Breaking the Barrier

A barrier will block your way to the person possessed by a Kegai. To break through it, you must collect items called magatama by completing special trials.

Blessings From Beyond

Yomotsu Hirasaka mirrors Ashihara Nakatsu in almost every way, and has just as many places to explore. Search every nook and cranny for hidden blessings.