Stats and Blessings

The Seven Stats

Every character has seven stats that you can boost with training or blessings. Your overall stats determine what actions you can perform in battle and how effectively you fight. View the stats of everyone currently in your party under Character Info in the main menu.

What Stats Do

These stats affect your daily life and battle performance.
Strength, Agility, Skill Max Stamina
Intelligence, Divine Power, Appeal Max Energy
Intelligence, Skill, Divine Power, Appeal Suggestion Success Rate
Social Status Training Benefits
Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Skill, Divine Power, Social Status, Appeal Trial Completion
Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Skill, Divine Power, Appeal Battle Ability Acquisition
Strength, Agility, Skill, Divine Power, Appeal Battle Attack Effects
Agility, Intelligence, Skill, Divine Power Special Battle Effects


Train in specific places located throughout Ashihara. The type of training affects which stat you boost, so spend some time investigating where you can best improve each one.

Bonus Blessings

Characters can receive special bonuses called blessings that will buff stats and relationship levels. Even after looping, you will retain any blessings you've gathered thus far.

Receiving Blessings

Find blessings by searching Ashihara high and low or by forming stronger relationships with other characters. Even places you've already searched may contain a new blessing after a day has passed.

Checking Blessings

View the blessings characters have received, along with their effects, in the main menu. You can also confirm how close you are to collecting all the blessings for each character.